Carboniferous Fossils of Winter Hill and surrounding areas.

Yet another of Daves free books on totally obscure subjects!


The earlier free book, "The Winter Hill Scrapbook" was getting too thick to add anything new to it - yet I particularly wanted it to have a section about the fossils that could be found on Winter Hill. As a way round this dilemma, this new "booklet" has been produced and is now available for free download on the Internet. It's 5Mb in size.

The book is about the fossils that can be found in the Winter Hill area and through them, interpret the type of environment that existed 300 million years ago.

Illustrated above are part of a fossilised "Calamite" tree trunk found underneath Wilderswood and a piece of fossilised bark of the "Lepidodendron" tree.

To dowload the book .... click HERE.

"Winter Hill Scrapbook" .... another free book!

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