Unfortunately, not many photographs exist of the underground canal. Those that I currently have, which do not appear elsewhere on the web site are shown below. I am aware that other photo's exist and as I get hold of copies of these pictures, they will be added to this page.

Deborah Pillar Junction under Walkden at the joining of the Low Branch Level and Berryfield (Linnyshaw Colliery) Branch.

Brick arches at Brassey Seam branch near Parr Fold.

One of the lowest portions of the tunnel system. This section only lasts for a fairly short section of the tunnel and is not typical of the rest of the system.

"Waters Meeting" about 500 yards from the tunnel entrances at Worsley Delph.The photo shows the view from the junction of the two tunnels looking back towards the entrances.

One of the "passing places" in the tunnel system, with one third of the tunnel on the left hand side being piled up with ochre sludge. The Photo is believed to be circa 1968 and is underneath Ashton's Field Pit.

This photo, taken in 1975, was taken of Mr Jack Harrison, one of the last mine deputies on the underground canal system, at the entrance tunnel at Worsley.



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