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Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe
~Terence Dickinson
Firefly Books Ltd
Paperback - 1 November, 1998

Deep-sky Companions: The Caldwell Objects
~Patrick Moore (Foreword), Stephen James O'Meara
Cambridge University Press
Hardcover - 3 February, 2003

Using the Meade ETX: 100 Objects You Can Really See with the Mighty ETX (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy S.)
~Mike Weasner
Springer-Verlag UK
Paperback - November 2001

Star Ware: the Amateur Astronomer's Guide to Choosing, Buying, and Using Telescopes and Accessories
John Wiley & Sons Inc
Paperback - 24 June, 2002

Stargazing: Astronomy Without a Telescope
~Patrick Moore
Cambridge University Press
Paperback - 19 October, 2000

Northern Lights: The Science, Myth, and Wonder of the Aurora Borealis
~Calvin Hall (Photographer), Daryl Pederson (Photographer)
Sasquatch Books
Paperback - June 2003

The Backyard Astronomer's Guide
~Terence Dickinson, Alan Dyer
Firefly Books Ltd
Hardcover - 1 November, 2002

Orbit: NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth
~Jay Apt
National Geographic Books
Paperback - 31 October, 2003

The Astronomy Encyclopedia
~Leif Robinson (Foreword), Patrick Moore (Editor)
Oxford University Press
Hardcover - 1 September, 2002

Star Maps for Beginners
~I.M. Levitt, Roy K. Marshall
Simon & Schuster
Paperback - 22 July, 1993

The Monthly Sky Guide
~Ian Ridpath, Wil Tirion (Illustrator)
Cambridge University Press
Paperback - 29 May, 2003

Philip's Guide to the Night Sky
~Patrick Moore
Paperback - December 1996

Practical Astronomy with Your Calculator
~Peter Duffett-Smith
Cambridge University Press
Paperback - 2 February, 1989

Star Watch: The Amateur Astronomer's Guide to Finding,Observing and Learning About Over 125 Celestial Objects
~Philip S. Harrington
John Wiley & Sons Inc
Paperback - 8 August, 2003

Hubble: A New Window to the Universe
~Daniel Fischer, et al
Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
Hardcover - December 1996

Stars & Planets (Smithsonian Handbooks (Paperback))
Dorling Kindersley Publishing
Paperback - July 2002

The 20-cm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope: A Practical Observing Guide
~Peter L. Manly
Cambridge University Press
Paperback - October 1999

Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars
~Patrick Moore
Cambridge University Press
Paperback - 19 October, 2000

The Observing Guide to the Messier Marathon: A Handbook and Atlas
~Don Machholz
Cambridge University Press
Hardcover - 10 October, 2002

Practical Amateur Spectroscopy (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy S.)
~Stephen F. Tonkin (Editor)
Springer-Verlag UK
Paperback - 1 June, 2002

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