I've been interested in astronomy for many years, and have a number of certificates and diplomas in various aspects of the subject from a number of universities - including John Moore's University in Liverpool and Manchester University. Although I have two small telescopes (a rather ancient motorised Celestron C8 and a Celestron NexStar 5) but haven't used them in any "meaningful" way for many years due mainly to the excessive light pollution which comes from living near the City of Manchester.

The photo above shows the group on the University of Manchesters "Introduction to Radio Astronomy" course at Jodrell Bank a few years ago - I'm the deformed midget 3rd on the right!

I last used the University of Bradford's Robotic Telescope over ten years ago when it was located at Oxenhope, near Bradford UK but since it was resurrected recently in a more modern version to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, I've started using it to remotely image astronomical objects - then doing the image processing here at home at my leisure. I tend to "specialise" in the Ursa Major constellation (also known as the "Big Dipper" or "The Plough) and the bulk of my images are of the galaxies in that constellation.

All the photographs illustrated were observed on the Bradford Robotic Telescope located in Tenerife, Canary Islands and were processed using Paint Shop Pro 6 software. ALL the original images of the photographs below are copyright of the Bradford Robotic Telescope.

I'll add more pictures when I can find the time!



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